5 Healthy Meal Delivery Services for a Fabulous 2020

Last Updated: May - 17 - 2021

It’s a new year! This is the perfect time to switch up your habits and routines to improve yourself and enjoy the best 2020 you can possibly have. One of the most fundamental ways you can improve this year is by taking your nutrition one notch higher with healthier choices and a greater variety of foods. These are key factors in losing weight, making your muscles more pronounced, and enjoying your body in 2020.

Let’s take a look at your best choices!


Home Chef

Home Chef needs little introduction. It’s one of the top meal delivery services of our time, offering great chef-designed recipes that rely on high-quality ingredients and speedy preparation time. The only question is how much you’ll be paying. The best discount we could find saves you $100 on your first 4 boxes of Home Chef’s deliciousness!

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Sun Basket

Sun basket is a very well-known and appreciated meal delivery service. In terms of what you can expect, Sun Basket offers a bit more variety in its menu and includes quite a few international delicacies to entice your pallet. Sun Basket discounts are rare and far in-between, so be sure to take advantage of this $60 discount!

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If you want to improve your nutrition while supporting your local community of farmers, be sure to give HelloFresh a try. They have amazing recipes that take advantage of local produce that’s delivered straight to your door. This is the perfect opportunity to improve your nutrition and give your community the support it deserves! Do it now with a hearty $90 discount and free shipping!

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Green Chef

Healthy doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. Green Chef is the perfect example of how you can eat the highest-quality food without having to pay outrageous prices for your food. Delicious dishes, all made from the freshest and healthiest USDA-certified organic ingredients on the market. Grab all this goodness with an $80 discount and free shipping!

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Fresh and Easy

If spending too much time in the kitchen isn’t your thing and you still want to eat high-quality meals, look no further than Fresh and Easy. This meal-delivery service is special because it specializes in easy meals that require only one step to prepare. The quality is outstanding and the ease of preparation is ideal for people who don’t have all day to spend in the kitchen. When you’re ready to make your life simpler with Fresh and Easy, be sure to do it with a $25 discount!

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