5 Simple Nutritional Tips for Speedy Weight-Loss

Last Updated: Jun - 14 - 2021

As it turns out, weight-loss is highly dependent upon the food you put in your body. In fact, it’s even a more important factor in maintaining your weight after shedding a few pounds, as your long-term eating habits have a greater effect on your physique. It won’t matter how much time you spend at the gym because if you’re still eating unhealthy food, shedding those pounds may take longer or never happen at all.

How do you use your diet to lose weight and keep it off? Here are some of the best tips to make sure your nutrition is on your side!

Drink More Water

Drinking more water boosts your body’s ability to digest your food properly. Specifically, it helps your liver increase the usage of fat for energy, helping you lose weight long-term. At the same time, increasing your water intake is critical to cleansing your body.

  • Men are advised to drink 3 liters (about ¾ of a gallon) of water every day, while women are advised to drink 2.3 liters (about 2/3 of a gallon)
  • Increase your water intake by about 8 ounces for every 25 pounds you’d like to lose
Eat Food with Fewer Calories

One of your main goals should be to ensure that you aren’t taking in more calories than you’re spending, and your diet is the best place to tackle this issue. With most workouts, you’ll end up spending a few hundred calories, at most. At the same time, a snack or sweetened beverage can easily offset all of your hard work at the gym.

  • Use smaller plates and smaller portions
  • Eat at regular times, not only when you’re hungry
  • Eat at a slower pace
  • Avoid sweetened drinks and fried food
Empty Calories Aren’t Your Friend

Foods with empty calories are those that include a high-calorie count and a low nutritional value. This could be snacks, sweets, junk food, and other delicious items. Also, these types of food don’t contribute to feeling full when you’re done.

  • Empty-calorie foods leave you hungry
  • Limit snack consumption
  • Avoid foods high in calories and low in nutrients
Consume Less Alcohol

This actually ties-in to our previous points, because when alcohol is broken down by your digestive system, it’s converted into sugar. Some cocktails can contain close to 1,000 calories, so watch your drinking habits.

  • Alcohol contains highly-concentrated calories
  • Cocktails such as a Long Island or Pina Colada include hundreds of calories
  • Limit your alcohol consumption
Choose Whole-Grain Foods

Refined grains contain fewer nutrients, fiber, and vitamins when compared to their whole-grain brethren. If that’s not enough, whole-grain foods reduce your hunger more effectively.

As you can see, watching your diet has huge benefits for weight loss. However, doing it right requires some research, and that’s one of the main reasonsmeal delivery services are so popular these days. They offer entire menus with healthy food and are completely hassle-free. Just choose your meals and they’ll be delivered to your doorstep, including all the healthy nutrients and cooking instructions.

This article is provided by our team of content writers for informational purposes and should not be relied upon as a professional advice.