Back to School: Meal Delivery Helps Struggling Students?

Last Updated: Jun - 14 - 2021

The school year recently started and brought us some peace of mind. However, we were also reminded that even though the kids went back to school, there’s still plenty of work to be done! When it comes to the nutrition of your children, the beginning of the school year can be a great thing, but it also increases the chances of your children eating unhealthy foods that can not only affect their health but also their academic performance.

Why You Should Be Worried About Your Children’s Schooltime Nutrition

There has been quite a lot of research that shows that nutrition can have a major impact on your academic achievements. With kids, the problem only gets worse because they are usually the target demographic of the unhealthiest foods that are high in fat, sugar and artificial ingredients. In one study by the West Country’s Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC), it was shown that toddlers who were fed a diet high in fats, sugars, and processed foods went on to have lower IQ scores than those that were fed a balanced diet. This is pretty alarming, but it gets more complicated. Another study has been able to prove that without certain nutrients that are part of your food intake, your brain function could be limited. In comparison to individuals who ate a proper diet, those with an unhealthy diet had lower levels of certain hormones that are required for the growth and development of the brain. Because our kids are going to school, we want to give them every possible advantage we can.

How Can I Help My Child Get Better Nutrition?

Depending on our routine, our children could face different dietary challenges. If you prepare every meal your child eats, you can give them every nutrient they need to ace the school year. All you need to remember is to use healthy ingredients. The simplest and easiest way to do that is to go with a health-oriented meal delivery such as SunBasket-link or GreenChef and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. If like many other parents, you can’t attend every one of your children’s meals due to work commitments, there’s a lot you can do. Meal delivery services such as HelloFresh and HomeChef have kid-friendly recipes that will not only give them a healthy and balanced meal that will boost their brain function but could also unleash their inner chef. That’s a long-term investment that could pay off in spades!

Whichever route you go, remember that what your kids eat has a direct impact on their growth and ability to compete academically with their peers at school!

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