Christmas Came Early: The Meal Delivery Services that Save Serious

Last Updated: May - 17 - 2021

The Holiday season can be tough on expenses, so what can we do to start saving more? One choice a lot of people are making these days are switching from eating out to eating at home, and meal kit delivery services are the perfect way to do it.

Why? For starters, it’s a great way to cut expenses, eat better, and gain a few extra hours of free time every week. But who gives you the most deliciously-nutritious meals for less money? Who will help you save precious time you could be spending with your loved ones? Here are the top meal delivery services for the best prices around!

Home Chef

Starting as low as $7.99 per serving, Home Chef has definitely taken a lead over its competitors with its low and ultra-affordable pricings. Better yet, Home Chef will offer free shipping as long as your order is larger than $45. But for the best deal, get started now – Home Chef is offering $30 off your first order!

Save $30 at HomeChef
Sun Basket

Sun Basket may look pricier at first glance, but combined with their current sales promotion, you can get $45 knocked-off your first two orders. This is good news especially because of the high quality of ingredients offered by Sun Basket thanks to their focus on organic ingredients. Pricing starts at around $10 per serving, but you’ll frequently find plenty of offerings for less than $7!

Save $45 at SunBasket
Hello Fresh

If you like the thought of fresh local produce being sent directly to you with free shipping, Hello Fresh is an absolute dollar-saver! Starting at just $6.99, Hello Fresh is going all-out by offering a total of $80 on your first 4 orders! That’s $20 off each order! Combined with great all-around pricing, and Hello Fresh is an absolute winner when it comes to high-quality food at an attractive price.

Save $80 at HelloFresh
Green Chef

Starting at $10.49 per serving, Green Chef’s pricing is pretty standard. But it’s what’s inside each serving that really matters! As a USDA certified organic company, you’re getting the very best ingredients available, period. To make things even more enticing, Green Chef will take $40 off your first order, so hurry and start eating more healthy foods!

Save $40 at GreenChef
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