It’s Official: Meal Delivery Helps the Environment

Last Updated: May - 17 - 2021

After so much debate, it’s great to finally have an answer. Meal delivery services like HelloFresh and Home Chef will delivery gourmet meals to your doorstep and save you the hassle of finding all the ingredients, but environmentally-conscious home cookers immediately began to argue: doesn’t the delivery and added packaging make meal delivery bad for the environment? It looks like the debate has been settled, and in some magical turn of events, being lazy actually helps the environment!

Laziness Has a Smaller Carbon Footprint?

A recent study finally sheds light on the matter, detailing exactly how meal delivery services, with all of their shortcomings, are actually one of the best things to happen to our environmental impact as a result of food consumption, in a long, long time. Published in the esteemed scientific journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling, the study covers the entire life cycle of a meal delivery – from the farm and all the way to the garbage can after you’ve eaten, and find that when compared to grocery store shopping, you can expect to cut back around a third of all greenhouse gas emissions by choosing a meal delivery. But how could that be? According to the study, the lack of waste and the more-streamlined supply chain makes this possible.

Plastic? Not the Biggest Deal Here…

This will surprise you: anywhere between 19% and 29% of our greenhouse gas emissions, every year, are the result of food production. This figure includes every aspect of bringing that slice of meat and vegetables to your plate, including manufacturing the packaging, farm equipment, transportation and even fertilizer production. As it turns out, the packaging – mostly plastics used to keep the food fresh, are far-less impactful than other parts of the supply chain.

Until now, plastic packaging was one of the biggest points against meal delivery services, so it’s good to know that the total carbon footprint can be reduced to such a degree simply by delivering everything directly to you.

Why Is It Such a Big Deal?

What meal delivery services do is outstanding. Cutting carbon emission by 33% can have a major positive impact on the environment, but we need to do better. The more people moving over the meal delivery services, the sooner we help our environment recover.

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