Sun Basket vs Home Chef: Who’s Wins on Price, Quality and Variety

Last Updated: Jun - 14 - 2021

If you’ve ever tried a meal delivery service, you’ve definitely run into either Sun Basket or Home Chef. They are both regarded as industry-leading providers and are some of the strongest and most trusted brands in meal kit delivery. During our reviews, we found that for both Sun Basket and Home Chef, you’re looking at high-quality ingredients fused into scrumptious and delightful recipes that do more than just satisfy – they actually impress.

But if you’re already looking into Sun Basket and Home Chef, it means you already know who’s got premium-quality food. What you need to know is which one would be a better fit for your needs and preferences!


When it comes to quality, there really isn’t any question that for both Sun Basket and Home Chef, you can’t go wrong. However, Sun Basket does indeed go the extra step when it comes to organic produce. This doesn’t mean that every single fruit and vegetable will be organically-grown, but there is an effort to use more with Sun Basket. Home Chef is obviously no stranger to organic produce in its own right, but to a lesser extent.

Winner: TIE

In the end, it all comes down to your preference in menus, because regardless of who you choose, it’s a win in quality.


This is where we see the biggest difference between the two. When choosing your meals at Sun Basket, you’re presented with a carefully-arranged set of dishes categorized according to specialty diets (you can mix and match freely). With Home Chef, things are less centered on dietary restrictions and instead focus on delivering mouth-watering meals that are more familiar and comforting.

Winner: Sun Basket

But it’s really down to your own taste. Exotic and adventurous or heart-warming and comforting? It’s up to you!


At first glance, it might seem like there’s a big price difference here, but not like you’d expect. Home Chef starts at $7.99 per serving but most meals are at around $9.99. Sun Basket is a bit pricier with starting prices of around $10.99. However, current special offers make this entirely irrelevant:

if you want bigger savings and don’t mind ordering a bigger quantity, go with Sun Basket, otherwise, Home Chef is right for you.

Winner: Home Chef

Ignoring special offers, Home Chef wins on long-term pricing.

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