The Benefits of Keto Diet and Ordering a Ketogenic Meal Delivery Online

Last Updated: May - 17 - 2021

Are you thinking about trying the ketogenic diet but not sure about it? Have you heard about so many benefits of this diet that the temptation is too much to resist? Well, if that’s the case then you are not the only one who is looking for some answers. So, let’s find those answers. But first things first, you must comprehend what this keto diet is and how is it effective?

What is a Keto Diet and how it works?

It is a high fat, moderate protein, and low carb diet that helps in getting your body into ketosis, a metabolic state. When ketosis starts to occur, the body is already running short on glycogen (basically sugar) because you are not providing it. As a result of it, your body starts to look for alternative fuel (source of energy) and comes across stored fat in the body. The liver starts to process fat into ketones and burns it to provide energy to your body which results in weight loss along with many other benefits.

Health Benefits of a Keto Diet

There is no denying the keto diet is helpful to human health as it changes your body’s chemistry. Given that low-carb diets have been controversial in the past, times have changed and more studies have helped by showing that these diets are much more beneficial as compared to other diets. Here are some of the main benefits of keto (low-carb, high fat) diet:

Leads to More Weight Loss

If you are looking for the simplest way of losing weight, start cutting carbs. One of the main reasons low-carb diets are helpful in losing weight is that they get rid of excess water from the body. Given that they lower the body’s insulin levels, the kidneys begin to shed excess sodium from the body and this leads to a rapid weight loss [1].

By starting a keto diet, you start to lose weight because fat becomes the main source of energy instead of glucose. However, people tend to give up on the diet after a few months and this result in rapid weight gain as well [2]. Therefore, it is imperative that you stick to it for continuous encouraging results.

Kills Your Appetite

When it comes to dieting, hunger is a side effect that is responsible for making many people give-up on their diets. The best thing about keto diets is that they reduce your appetite [3]. By cutting carbs, you end up eating fewer calories as your appetite goes down. This is also one of the reasons for weight loss.

Reduces Harmful Abdominal Fat

You have to comprehend that not all fat is the same. In fact, what matters the most is where the fat is stored. The visceral fat (the one that is stored in the abdominal cavity) is dangerous to human health as it can cause inflammation and insulin resistance [4]. A keto diet helps in reducing the visceral fat and prevents many heart and chronic diseases from attacking the body.

Enhances Mental Focus

With carbs as the energy source, the main problem is that there is a rise and fall in blood sugar levels. This means that the brain cannot stay focused for periods of time because there is inconsistent energy provided to it. With a keto diet, your brain uses ketones as the main source of energy. As ketones are more consistent as compared to carbs in providing energy, the brain can focus for longer periods of time.

Increases HDL Cholesterol Levels in the Body

Before you make any assumptions, you should know that High-density lipoprotein is the “good” cholesterol. Studies have found that higher levels of HDL in the body help in reducing the risk of heart disease [5]. A dramatic increase in HDL cholesterol levels can be observed on low-carb diets.

Helps in Fighting Type II Diabetes

Carbs are responsible for elevating blood sugar levels because they are broken down into simple sugars in the digestive tract. Given that the keto diet basically removes most of the sugars from the diet, it helps in effectively reverse type II diabetes.

Start Keto Diet by Ordering a Ketogenic Meal Delivery Online

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