The Vegan Guide to Thanksgiving

Last Updated: Dec - 08 - 2022

Thanksgiving can be about a lot more than turkey. With the help of expert gourmet chefs, meal delivery services are making it the easiest it’s ever been to delight everyone your dinner table with excitingly new dishes. As a bonus, you just convince your carnivore friends to switch sides!

Who Needs Meal Kit Delivery Services for Vegan Thanksgiving?

Here’s the thing, vegans. It’s time to put it on the table, pardon the pun. There’s absolutely no way around the fact that vegan dishes are more difficult to accomplish. This is because meat is a very easy source of flavor that immediately takes over the entire meal. As a vegan, you have a much bigger challenge combining the different flavors and texture successfully. Meal kit delivery services have expert vegans working for them as chefs, so the vegan menu finally gets the spotlight it so deserves!

  • Vegan gourmet dishes by dedicated vegan chefs.
  • Get all the ingredients individually packaged and ready to cook.
  • Vegan dishes are usually ready super-fast!
  • Delight your friends and family with a vegan dinner that always leaves you satisfied!
The Best Meal Kits for Vegans

Sun Basket is probably the most vegan-friendly meal kit delivery service out there. Compared to their competitors, Sun Basket has always been very adventurous, and it really shows, especially in the vegan menu section. Things get even better when you find out about the high-quality of the organic ingredients, as well as their sustainable packaging. However, the strongest advantage Sun Basket has must be in the desert section. Never have I ever seen such a wide variety of delicious desert options that are all vegan-friendly. In this sense, Sun Basket are true pioneers of the vegan lifestyle!

See Sun Basket’s Menu

Green Chef doesn’t advertise itself as vegan-friendly, but they’re doing a lot more than other meal delivery services. In fact, some might argue they have the best vegan selection in the industry, and they haven’t even said a word. A vegan eater can easily get his or her entire week’s worth of meals that contain no animal products. The only downside is that you’ll have to sift through the full vegetarian menu to find them. It’s a minor hassle that you’ve probably experienced before. Luckily, Green Chef does a great job of making it clear if the dish contains any animal or dairy ingredients.

See Green Chef’s Menu

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