What Is the Mediterranean Diet All About

Last Updated: May - 17 - 2021

The famed Mediterranean diet has been all over the media in recent weeks as more and more scientific research demonstrates its outstanding health benefits. Want to live longer and enjoy a healthy glow on your skin? How about losing weight while enjoying delicious food and exhilarating flavors? It sounds to me like you might want to try the Mediterranean diet. Let’s find out what it’s all about and where you can find the best deals and variety on this exceptional culinary adventure.

A Balanced Diet that Includes Your Favorite Foods

I don’t about you, but most weight-loss diets require you to give up things like pasta and bread – two of my most favorite foods. The greatest thing about the Mediterranean diet is that it includes all the good stuff, including meat, cheese, bread, and pasta. It’s a balanced combination that makes everything extremely healthy.

Did You Know that You Actually Love Vegetables?

One of the best aspects of a Mediterranean diet is how vegetables are combined into the meals. Personally, I was never really fond of vegetables. They were always a chore. With a Mediterranean diet, I learned I was doing it all wrong. You won’t believe how good vegetables taste when they’re combined with good cheese, lemon and olive oil. Add an earthy bread and you’ve got yourself an amazing meal.

Nothing Smells Fishy

Another great aspect of the Mediterranean diet is the extensive use of fish in some of the best dishes. This is also one of the reasons that pescatarians love this diet. My favorite was an oven-crisped salmon and one of the heartiest tuna steaks I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. For some reason, the Mediterranean way of cooking eliminates the fishy odor that kept me away from fish all my life. There’s just something about how things are prepared that makes it taste better than any other cuisine.

OK, Where Do I Sign Up?

Before you jump at the first “Mediterranean” diet you can find, consider that these ingredients can be hard to come by. You’ll also need to find high-quality recipes. That’s why we recommend trying a meal delivery service for your Mediterranean diet. It guarantees that you’ll get all the premium ingredients, even if they’re hard to find, as well as a wide variety of chef-authorized recipes.

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