What’s the Best Meal Delivery When You’re on a Budget?

Last Updated: Jun - 14 - 2021

Whether you’re a college student or simply hit a rough patch that requires you to be on the frugal side, staying true to your budget goals is a very difficult task when you want to eat healthy food. Unfortunately, today’s food industry makes it hard to keep the quality high and the price low. However, meal delivery services, although pricier at first glance, are a great way to get your spending under control and help you save.

How Does the Math Work?

Meal kit delivery services may be slightly pricier than the grocery store when you compare the ingredient list, but they still help you save a lot, and it’s all thanks to how they work.

No More Waste, No Overbuying

Meal delivery services make it very easy to avoid over-spending on your food budget. Every meal is accounted for and you’re only paying for what you’ll eat. Each ingredient is neatly packed and in the exact amount needed for the meal. At the end of the meal, there will be no wasted food thrown away. This means you’re only paying for what you need.

It Makes You Organized

Because meal deliveries work on a per-meal basis, you’ll know what you’ll eat and when. This means that you’ll find yourself knowing what you’ll be eating ahead of time, helping you plan your eating. Anyone who’s ever been on a budget knows that unplanned spending is one of the biggest threats to your budget goals.

It Saves Your Time

If time is money, meal delivery services are a blessing. Just consider how much time it takes to figure out what you’ll cook, how to cook it, and acquire all the ingredients, including the drive to the grocery store, traffic and waiting in line. Meal delivery services save you hours each day, which can give you more time to work or spend with your loved ones.

Finding a Budget-Friendly Meal Delivery

There are many meal kit delivery services today, but which is the most budget-friendly? Here are our top picks:


Get $40 off your first box, $30 off your second, and $10 off your third and fourth. In total, you’ll save $90 from your budget!

Home Chef

HomeChef is now offering a $22.5 discount per box, for your first 4 boxes, adding up to a $90 bonus to your budget!

Blue Apron

Get an amazing price on one of the most popular meal deliveries. Order 4 boxes and get $80 off the listed price.

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