Which Meal Delivery Service Gives the Best Value in 2020?

Last Updated: Jun - 14 - 2021

We’ve only just begun the year 2020, but it’s already clear that some meal delivery services are a better deal than others. It about more than just price too, as quality and menu options have seen major changes as well. In this article, well cover all the meal delivery services that offer the best value in 2020, considering the price, variety, shipping and of course, quality!

Home Chef: Best Overall Value

Home Chef holds on to the number 1 spot for 2020 as the best value meal delivery service. When you consider the competitive pricing, the flexible delivery options, the huge variety, and the fresh ingredients, it’s easy to understand why Home Chef is so popular. Importantly, Home Chef has a very attractive welcome offer just in time for the new year, offering a total of $100 off on your first 4 boxes. This is a very unique offer – avail it before it ends!
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HelloFresh: Great Value + Helping Your Community

Many people were concerned that meal delivery services would have a detrimental effect on local farmers due to the shipping of produce across long distances. HelloFresh took it upon themselves to ensure that your local community stays strong by delivering produce directly from your local farmers. If you want to enjoy mouth-watering meals that are easy to prepare and support your neighbors, HelloFresh is the way to go, especially if you are a quality-oriented eater. Be sure to grab the $90 discount and free shipping while it lasts!
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Green Chef: Best Value for Organic Ingredients and Diet Variety

Organic ingredients are already used by most high-quality meal delivery services, but none go as far as Green Chef. Here, nearly all ingredients will be organic, backed by a USDA certification. Green Chef is also a very popular choice for a variety of diets, including paleo, ketogenic and plant-powered menus. All this is offered at a very attractive price-per-meal, including $80 off and free shipping!
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Sun Basket: Best Value for a Variety of Cuisines

Sun Basket is known for offering a variety of exciting meals from all corners of the world. Expect to see a lot of Asian, Indian, and Mediterranean cuisine alongside timeless classics from the European and American kitchens. Sun Basket’s variety is powered by the high-quality ingredients used to form these superb recipes, all available to you now with a $60 discount on your first order!
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