Which Meal Delivery Service Helps Weight-Loss the Most?

Last Updated: Jun - 14 - 2021

One of the most common questions we get asked about meal delivery services is which of the services available today would assist weight-loss efforts the most. The truth is there’s more than one answer for this question, and we’ll do our best to offer as much information as possible for you to understand where the healthiest food can be found!

It’s About Balance

Weight-loss is a matter of balance: how much protein, fat and carbohydrates are in your food compared to how much energy your bodies requires. In today’s world, it’s getting harder and harder to know which food belongs in which category, especially when you consider the additives and sugars commonly mixed in our food these days. For this reason alone, any nutritionist-approved meal kit service will be a blessing. However, which is the best? Which service gives you more choice in how you’ll lose weight?

#1 – Home Chef

Home Chef’s impressive weekly selection of meals, coupled with their new “customize your protein” option, is gaining a lot of attention from consumers nationwide. The best part is that Home Chef remains fully nutritionist-approved, meaning that the correct amount nutrients is included in every meal, without you having to think twice about it.

#2 – Sun Basket

Sun Basket is known for making things a bit more interesting – and this could very well be what helps you lose that weight. For many people, it’s the lack of diversity in meal selection that makes weight loss such an issue. With Sun Basket delivering your meals directly to your door, you’ll have exotic choices from all over the world, and you won’t have to go treasure-hunting for all those rare ingredients. Instead, you’ll get it all, perfectly sized and portioned, directly to you. More importantly, Sun Basket has a 99% Organic Produce Guarantee, and will let you know when the ingredients aren’t organic. This is a huge issue, as the higher the quality of your ingredients, especially the produce, the better the nutrition you can expect to receive.

#3 – HelloFresh

HelloFresh is another leading meal delivery service you probably already heard of – but did you know they have local produce sent to you? While this doesn’t necessarily impact your weight loss directly, it increases the freshness of the produce. The fresher your produce, the more nutrients remain in it when it reaches your plate. If that’s not enough, you can expect excellent recipes and great value from HelloFresh!

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