Who’s the Best Meal Delivery for Real Organic Food

Last Updated: Jan - 30 - 2023

Eating healthy can mean a lot of things, but first and foremost, it means making sure that the ingredients that go into your food are of the highest quality. Healthy management of your food intake starts with making sure that your ingredients are fully organic, meaning that they’ve been produced with strict methods that comply with the standards of organic farming.

So, Who’s the Best for Organic Food?

Out of today’s leading meal delivery services, the strongest choices for organic food are Green Chef and Sun Basket. But which should you choose? It all depends on what you prefer, because in both cases you’ll be getting top-notch organic ingredients.

Green Chef:

When Special Diets Are Important

Green Chef is very serious about its efforts to include only high-quality organic ingredients in their dishes. In fact, Green Chef is the first company among all meal delivery services to be USDA-certified, making it a prime choice for organic eaters. But it’s their full commitment to a wide variety of special diets with full nutritionist backup that’s the star of the show. Regardless of the type of diet you’re after, including vegan, gluten-free, ketogenic and more, you’re getting an excellent variety of recipes that take advantage of all the fresh flavors afforded by Green Chef’s excellent ingredients.

Sub Basket:

When Cooking for More than One

Sun Basket is a certified USDA organic handler, making it an excellent choice for organic food. The company guarantees 99% organic food in their ingredients but is also forthcoming enough to let you know every time a non-organic ingredient is included. This great policy also extends to meat and poultry, ensuring anti-biotic and hormone-free meats that have been grown responsibly in sustainable farms. Sun Basket is especially ideal for families thanks to their meal plans which offer exceptional value, bringing down the price per serving to just $10.99 (not including the $60 off your first 3 orders)!


Free Karma Points: Going Organic Is Good for the Environment!

These standards not only ensure that your fruits and vegetables are fresh and offer their full nutritional value, but also entails responsible environmental practices, such as conscious resource management, maintaining ecological balance and conserving biodiversity – all while eating healthier food!

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